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Pest Arrest – Hybrid Bed Bug Treatments

We Guarantee Our Bed Bug Services and distinguish ourselves by:

  • We guarantee our bed bug treatments
  • We utilize extreme heat in conjunction with substances, a full comprehensive approach
  • We often eliminate populations in one treatment but always follow-up
  • We consider your emotions when addressing bed bug populations

Pest Arrest’s bed bug remediation is a perfected and guaranteed method.  Our process is swift, and includes a thorough action plan that minimizes the responsibility of staff and residents, while our trained staff continues to monitor and observe target homes to ensure a maximum level of documentation and knowledge over the situation.

Our trained and energetic staff thoroughly inspects and treats every part of the affected home with a localized heat treatment, allowing us to intimately observe, document all affected areas and know exactly which areas of the home have been affected.  The heat application is safe and guaranteed to kill all stages of development, including the sterilization of eggs.

Before leaving the home we apply specific substances, which we use as a partner in bed bug control, but do not rely on to eliminate entire populations.

We always follow through with additional treatments and inspections, which our office staff will schedule.

Our success rate is 100% – Our treatments are guaranteed


How do I know if I have Bedbugs?

The most common indication that bed bugs may be present in your home is frequent and/or consistent ‘biting’.  The vast majority of people suffer from bed bug bites and react similar to what would be associated with a mosquito bite.  Other indications may be seeing blood spots on bedding and noticing bugs on or around furniture in the home.

Where would I find a bed bug?

Bed bugs get their name because they gravitate towards beds.  They typically live on and around beds only because you, their host, typically sleep there.  They are primarily active at night and wait until you are immobile in order to feed; therefore they prefer to live around where you are spending time at night.  They may also be found on sofas, adjacent furniture and in some cases throughout the home.  Bed bugs hide very well, so if you are investigating, pay attention to folds, crevices and cracks.

How Did I Get Bedbugs?

Unfortunately there are a plethora of possibilities.  The presence of bed bugs in your home is not an indication of poor cleanliness, housekeeping or hygiene.

Some possibilities may be:

  • Traveling
  • Purchasing used furniture
  • Visiting someone who has bed bugs
  • Having visitors to your home who bring bed bugs
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